Welcome to Straits Country 97.7

As you may have notice, we switched signals and can now be heard on 97.7 FM

The only radio station in the world to concentrate on the Straits and only the Straits.



At the other country stations you’ll hear lots of mindless babble about Traverse City. Heck, isn’t Traverse City 100 miles away?


Straits Country was put on the air to serve the Straits Area. The Straits area is important. It is an area within itself and deserves its own radio station.

We dont try to be "Big" and serve everything from Traverse City to all points north and bombard you with information from out of the area that you dont care about. We just want to keep you informed of happenings in the Straits Area and the I-75 corridor that is relevant to you. 

And don't forget the MUSIC. Straits Country plays the music. While others are talking all morning, with a morning show broadcast from  Tennessee, we keep the Hot New Country and All Time Favorites coming across your radio.


Thanks for listening to Straits Countryt 97.7